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Auto Loans after Bankruptcy in Temple Hills

Pre-Owned Mercedes Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Is this currently a situation you are in – you require a new car but have a bankruptcy on your credit report? While filing for bankruptcy is usually done as a last resort, nobody ever wants to have to go through it. Bankruptcy will have a very negative impact on your credit rating. So what can you do if you need a car but have that bankruptcy marring your credit report? You can give Expert Auto a call to discuss auto loans after bankruptcy in Temple Hills.

A bankruptcy will create a difficult financial hole that will take a long time to dig out of. But you can begin repairing your credit at Expert Auto. We will give you that second chance to prove yourself while other financial institutions will turn you away.  We work with a number of lenders daily that will be more than happy to offer you the best rates and options available despite your current credit situation. Come by and see why our finance team is second to none. Be prepared to hear the word – approved!

Additionally, we are very proud of the stellar customer service our staff continues to provide. We value each and every customer that comes to Expert Auto for financing assistance. We understand your financial challenges and are sympathetic to your situation.

If you are an individual with bankruptcy on their credit report and are looking for auto loans after bankruptcy in Temple Hills, pay a visit to Expert Auto. We have a huge selection of pre-owned cars that have been inspected thoroughly that you can from choose from. You will get two very important things out of your time with us, a new car or vehicle and a step towards fixing your credit. Contact Expert Auto at (866)429-0970 to start the application process today!