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We Help Alexandria Drivers Get The Car Loans They Need

Posted on June 7, 2022

We Help Alexandria Drivers Get The Car Loans They Need

Purchasing a pre-owned car is usually a great idea, especially if you work with the right dealership. You can save on the purchase price, and in some cases, you might have a warranty. Used car buying also means not worrying about immense depreciation with a brand-new car purchase. The more you know about car financing & loans near Alexandria, the easier it is to get the right lending option to fit your needs.

What About A Shorter-Term Loan?

Shorter-term loans give you flexibility while paying for a used vehicle. Some reasons to pay for a used car in under 60 months include:

  • Avoid paying more than the vehicle is worth
  • Ensure the warranty does not run out before you finish paying for it
  • You can build equity quicker and use it toward the purchase of your next car

A good rule of thumb is to look for a 48-month loan when investing in a used vehicle. This will ensure you wrap up payments in a reasonable time period.

Budgeting For Your Vehicle Accordingly

Because you will have a monthly payment with your new car loan, you must factor in all costs to ensure you have the funds to pay your installments on time. Leave room in your monthly budget for your car payment, fuel costs, maintenance, insurance, etc. It is usually best to ensure you never exceed a third of your monthly income.

Ready To Get Started?

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