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Used Nissan For Sale in Alexandria

First Time Auto Loans in Capital Heights, Prince George's County

Nissan offers 3 cars that are considered great used cars to buy.  Used Nissans For Sale in Alexandria at Expert Auto includes the Sentra, Altima, and Maxima.  Nissan provides a high degree of comfort and quality while still offering a fun aspect of style. Both the mid-size and compact models has a roomy interior and modern transmission. If you are buying at the entry level or looking for a wider range of cars that includes luxury options, Nissan is a great choice.

The Nissan Sentra has been the backbone of Nissan’s entry-level lineup. The compact Sentra has developed a sleeker look that greatly increases the sedan’s curb appeal. This is a great used car choice for consumers looking for something not too expensive and reliable.

The Nissan Altima has been redesign to compete with the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. It is highly praised for its overall comfort, roomy size and one of the most seen cars on the US Highways.  Another major highlight you can expect is the Altima trunk size, which is considered to be enormous compared to other sedans. This car is the perfect choice for consumers looking to buy a used car with a lot of power and tons of passenger room.

The Nissan Maxima is known as the luxury brand for the company. It has kept a sporty streamline look while consistently providing many accommodations. The car comes with  a V6 that produces horsepower around 265. The Maxima scores very high on performance, especially with its acceleration. This car is upscale and clearly speaks for itself, attracting buyers looking for a full size luxury sedan within a particular price range.

Expert Auto is a great place to begin shopping for a Used Nissan For Sale in Alexandria. If you are thinking about about the pros and cons of buying a used Nissan, call us (866)429-0970 and let us help you narrow down your decision.