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Military Auto Loans

Expert Auto would first like to thank you for everything you have done in the past, are currently do and will do in the future for our country. Without you, we wouldn’t live in a free country and do what we can to show our appreciation.

Because of all that you do, we, here at Expert Auto, extend special financing options to those in the military – past and current military members. Our military auto loans are tailored to active duty and armed forces reserve members. We know it can be difficult to finance a car while in the military and realize that you need a car when you aren’t serving overseas.

Expert Auto offers a variety of credit and financial solutions to get you into a vehicle quickly. There are special factors that go into qualifying for military auto loans and military service members have an advantage. First and foremost, you have job security and being in the military is a source of income that is considered very reliable. This means that you are not only more likely to be approved, but you’ll also get a much better deal on your loan.

Contact Expert Auto today at (866)429-0970 to learn more about our military auto loans in Temple Hills, MD and to get pre-approved. We have a variety of vehicles ready to go home to a military family that deserves a reliable car for fighting day in and day out for our country.