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Great Tips For Taking A Test Drive At Your Local Car Dealership In Coral Hills

Posted on January 31, 2018

Car Dealership In Coral Hills

With so many people looking for what they need on the internet today, it is no wonder that dealerships have a solid presence online. You can check out your credit score, value the vehicle you are looking to trade in, view the latest inventory, and even fill out a financial application to see what amount you may qualify for. However, the test drive remains a crucial piece of the car-buying puzzle and you should know all that there is to know about the various things to look for. Your local car dealership in Coral Hills wants you to be armed with the test-driving knowledge that you need for the most successful test drive.

Whether you are thinking about buying an SUV, sedan, or another body style, you can get behind the wheel and take a few options out for a spin. This is the best way to learn whether or not this is a good fit for your driving personality, wants, and needs.

Believe it or not, the test drive is actually an element that is often skipped by some people who are looking to buy a car. Some shoppers fall in love with the style and features of a vehicle instead of taking the time to go the extra mile to put it through the paces. There are also some customers that are so excited to get in and go that they tend to forget the test drive just to dive into the paperwork to take the first drive after purchasing.

Either way, taking a test drive is always something that you should do. Additionally, it should be a lot more than just taking a quick trip around the block. You will want to take a thorough test drive, which includes the following:

  • Get To Know The Vehicle
    Talk with the sales team to get a full walk-around presentation. Pay attention to all of the features, especially if it has things you have been looking for. Know where all of the controls are before you even start the car.
  • Good Fit For The Family?
    Whether you have friends that you normally have riding with you, a pet or two, or your whole family, take a look at the interior to ensure there is ample space for both leg room and for packing up for an adventure.
  • Adjust Before Taking Off
    Adjust the steering wheel, mirrors, and seat, making sure that you see where your blind spot is before taking off.
  • Check Out The Infotainment Before Or After You Drive
    While you may be tempted to have a peek at the infotainment and the audio controls during the drive, this is something you should do before or after driving so that you can remain focused on the road.
  • Mimic Your Daily Drive
    Always test drive according to the type of driving that you do every day. If you are a city driver, take the vehicle down some busy streets with stop and go traffic. When you have a highway commute, bring it out onto the open road where you can see how the vehicle handles on the highways.

Expert Auto is your number one car dealership in Coral Hills and we want you to know the best things to cover when taking a test drive. Call us at (866)429-0970 for current inventory.