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First Time Auto Loans

Worried that you can’t get an auto loan because you don’t have credit? It isn’t uncommon for first-time auto buyers to not have any credit history or a score that will appeal to most auto finance lenders or banks. Regardless of what you have heard from other sources and banks previously, it is possible to obtain affordable rates and finance options when working with the correct auto finance lender.

It is exciting for any first time car buyer to go into a dealership and look at potential first car options. What can put a damper on this experience, is finding the car of your dreams, only to find out that you are not able to finance it. At Expert Auto, we won’t put you through this unnecessary stress and disappointment. Our experienced and friendly sales and finance team can review all finance options with you upfront, regardless of your credit score and history.

Some people assume that purchasing a first car can be an overwhelming and scary experience. At Expert Auto, we understand this concern and strive to help our customers leave our dealership with the best possible experience and affordable financing.   Regardless of your budget, our dealership offers a variety of reliable, affordable, and quality vehicles you can rely on for years to come.

Contact Expert Auto at (866)429-0970 to find out how we can help your first time car buyer with first time auto loans in Temple Hills, MD and quality vehicles that fit any credit situation.