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Car Financing & Loans in Temple Hills

Good Credit Used Car Loans In Hillcrest Heights

Expert Auto offers excellent car financing & loans in Temple Hills. Our highly qualified loan professionals are willing to go the extra mile to find the right financing for each customers used car purchase.

Unlike traditional lending institutions, our professionals at Expert Auto have many fair and affordable options to work with your credit situation.  Expert Auto believes that bad credit doesn’t mean you have to pay exorbitant interest or fees to obtain financing. Through our many years of experience we have connected with reputable and fair financing partners to meet all the needs of our clients.

Bankruptcy? Expert Auto knows there are many reasons for bankruptcy from divorce to medical expenses. Our staff believes you should not be disqualified to purchase one of our high quality used vehicles, nor have to wait seven years for the bankruptcy to be discharged from your credit to do so and we guaranty to work with all our might to find the right financing option for your situation.

Another high turn down rate from traditional financing sources is buyers with no credit.   This too should not be a hindrance to purchasing a car. Expert Auto’s finance team believes everyone needs to start somewhere and our experts know how to adjust the down payment and terms to give you the chance to not only own a car but to build your credit in the process.

It is with great honor, Expert Auto provides military loans to past or current military personnel. Our finance experts have cultivated the best military loans available to provide the best deal possible as our way to honor the men and women who serve our country.

Expert Auto’s car financing & loans in Temple Hills is available to take the stress out of buying a new pre-owned vehicle. Come visit our highly skilled lending staff to determine which of the many lending options is best for you. Call (866)429-0970.