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Car Dealership in Temple Hills

Posted on January 13, 2015

Car Dealership in Temple HillsWhen considering purchasing a vehicle, the initial primary decision that should be made is weather the auto that will be bought will be new off the manufacturer showroom floor, or from a used car dealership in Temple Hills for those locals who reside within the area. While the purchase of a brand new vehicle seems enticing at first, after careful consideration, most people come to the conclusion that a used car purchase is typically the smarter decision.

Used cars are far less expensive, as opposed to the brand new counterparts, and offer equal reliability and overall vehicle dependability. The purchase of a new car can experience significant depreciation immediately after being driven off the lot, which is not something that is inherit of used vehicles.  Additionally, insurance costs on brand new vehicles are typically higher as well, as new cars, trucks, and SUVs are more expensive to repair or replace.

It is no secret that used cars are much less expensive initially, in addition to each monthly loan payment and insurance bill thereafter. New cars can lose at least 30% of value, in only the first two years of ownership.

Aside from the cost aspect, which is a huge factor for most customers, the reliability seen in today’s used vehicle options is equally equivalent to that of a new vehicle.  Used vehicles in today’s market are extremely dependable, and when the proper brand is selected, can run faithfully well beyond the 100,000 mile marker.

Reliability is not something that has to be sacrificed when selecting to purchase a used vehicle, as it is possible to purchase a vehicle in excellent mechanical condition.

There is also a much wider selection of used vehicles, when it comes down to selecting which specific brand, model, options, features, and color to purchase. Buyers are limited with brand new vehicles based on what the manufacturer chooses to offer for new cars, however when purchasing used, the assortment is much wider and essentially limitless.

When seeking a qualified car dealership in Temple Hills during your used car selection, contact Expert Auto. We offer a wide assortment of dependable used vehicle options within the local vicinity, and provide true customer service and guaranteed auto financing throughout the car buying process. Call Expert Auto at (866)429-0970 today to test drive your next used vehicle!