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Auto Financing & Loans in Temple Hills

bad credit used car loans in Temple Hills

Expert Auto understands that your car just may be the most valuable thing you own.  Without your car, a daily commute to work or school would be obsolete. Even seemingly minor things like a trip to the store would become a challenge. If the reason you are without a car is because you are unable to receive financial assistance in purchasing one, the situation can be all the more stressful and frustrating. Regardless of credit history, you can trust in Expert Auto to assist you in receiving the best auto financing & loans in Temple Hills, and the surrounding areas.

Bad Credit?

If struggling with bad credit, rest assured. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and we don’t believe anyone should be kicked when they are down. Finding a loan when you struggle with less-than-perfect credit doesn’t have to be a struggle, or a hassle. Trust in our Expert Auto team to find you a loan that will help you afford your dream car, regardless of credit history.

No Credit?

If you’re young or just starting out, you may find yourself with just the opposite problem of which most people face. You may face difficulties acquiring a loan due to the fact that you have NO credit history at all. You aren’t alone. However, you will find that with the correct knowledge and team working at your side, you will be able to receive a loan for your first car. Our team at Expert Auto understands that the process of buying your first car can be stressful enough without the added stress of struggling to find a loan.


To thank you for your service, we offer a variety of specialized loans specifically designed for those who have served our country. Because of your employment in the military, your income will appear to lenders to be considerably stable. This will help you receive a loan quickly and get you into your dream car as fast as possible.

Contact us at Expert Auto today at (866)429-0970 to learn more about our application process for auto financing & loans in Temple Hills and how our sales specialists can assist you in finding you your next car, hassle free!